How to remove shadows, sharpen text and enhance your scans?

ScannerApp automatically removes shadows and enhances your scans to turn them into clean documents. You can still remove different levels of shadows by switching between image processing methods and fine-tuning. 

To remove shadows, sharpen text, and enhance scans, please follow the steps below:

  1. Start scanning.
  2. Select a color mode (Photo / Color / B&W) in the bottom toolbar.

There are three enhance methods for switching between Color and B&W modes, the three methods are as follows:

  • Bold: Bold text, but the shadow removal effect is weakest.
  • Fine: Keep more details in picture regions. The shadow removal effect is next strong.
  • Clean: The strongest ability to remove shadows.

  1. The sliders on the left and right sides allow you to adjust brightness, saturation and shadow removal level.


When you select the "Fine" mode, you find that there is still a faint shadow, you have two ways to remove:

(1) Switch to "Clean" mode.

If you want to restore more details of the picture regions, you can lower the "Shadow Removal Level”.

(2). Adjust the "Saturation" and "Shadow Removal Level".

Increase the "Shadow Removal Level" or decrease the "Saturation Level" to get different levels of shadow removal.

  1. Click "Save" at the bottom right of the screen.

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