How to avoid losing important documents? Backup your documents.

Although ScannerApp stores your scans on your device by default, there are several ways to get your documents backed up:

  • Upgrade your plan to SILVER or GOLD version to automatically backup your documents in the cloud, and access your scans from the web or other mobile iOS device. You can also create manual backups of your ScannerApp documents. 

    1. Tap on the " Backup" button in the main screen.
    2. Tap on the "Backup Now" button in the popover to start backing up your documents.
  • Back up your entire phone to iTunes or iCloud (iOS only). We recommend setting up iCloud backups since this will make sure your phone is always backed up. If you lose or change your phone, you will be able to restore this backup on a new phone. Make sure that you have not excluded ScannerApp from the iCloud backups.
  • Export your documents to another cloud service. (ScannerApp+ / BRONZE version) For instance, you can send your documents to Google Drive so that your documents remains accessible in the Google Drive application if you ever lose or change your phone.
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