Why was the email not sent?

It is possible that your email is stuck in the Apple Mail app. This problem could be fixed by deleting the email from your Outbox and sending your scan again.

You can access it from your home screen or by tapping this icon:

  • Apple Mail might not let you delete the email from your Outbox while it's still trying to send the email. If so, please attempt the following:
    • Open "Airplane Mode" on your device.
    • Delete the email from the Outbox folder of the Mail app.
    • Force close the Apple Mail app.

We strongly recommended you to check if:

  1. You have good network connection. If the document if more than three pages, it might take longer or even fail to send if your network connection is lower than 3G, or if it isn't WiFi.
  2. The document is not too big for your email server. Most email servers refuse to send attachments larger than 10-15 MB.
  3. Your email configuration is correct for the iOS Mail app.

You Can Also Send Documents via Another Mail App

If you are unable to use the Apple Mail app, please try to export the document via another email service provider, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Outlook.

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