How to restore my files?

Files on your device are automatically stored by default, but there are ways to restore your files and documents if you change or reset your device.

There are two options to restore your files.

1. Restore with an iCloud Backup

  1. Create a full backup of your old device and restore it on your new device: A Tutorial on How to Back Up Your iPhone
  2. Restore your files from iCloud or iTunes backup: A Tutorial on How to Restore your iPhone
  3. Make sure to select "Restore an iCloud Backup" when you set up your device. DO NOT select "Set up as a New iPhone" in the Apps & Data menu ( step 5 of this tutorial)

Please notice the following when you restore the new device with the backup of the old device:

The iOS restoration process has two phases:
1. Restore the system and copy all apps from the app store. 
2. Copy all app data from iCloud / iTunes.

It may take a few minutes to synchronize them all if you have a large number of scans. After the first phase is done, users may not notice the app is still under the restoration process and will try to run the app that is still copying data.
Data could be missing if users run an app whose data is still not copied completely from iCloud / iTunes.

2. Restore with your App Account

You can purchase a "Backup and Restore" option in our app.

1. Tap on the "Settings" button on the main screen.

2. Tap on "Backup and Restore."

3. Follow the tutorial below and tap on the "Export" button in the top right corner. Download the Backup Tool on your PC / MAC.

4. Tap on "Start Backup."

5. You can choose if you only want to restore selective files, or if you want to restore all. 

6. An icon will show you the percentage of the backup.

It may take a few minutes to synchronize them all if you have a large number of scans. 

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