How to send a fax?

If you have not taken the image yet:

1. Start scanning.

2. Finish scanning.     

3. Choose the "Export" option on the bottom left corner. 

4. Press the "Fax" icon on the screen. 

5. Enter the information you need, and then press "Next" on the upper right corner.

If you have already taken the image:

1.  Press the "fax" icon on the bottom right corner of the main screen. 

2. Select the image or document you need to fax, then press the "Send" button. 

5. Fill in the information you need, the press "Next" on the upper right corner. 

Important: Make sure to check your Fax Status in the "Fax Send History" to confirm whether if your document was sent successfully. If you have agreed to accept notifications from us, the app will automatically verify you of your fax status. Please remember to turn on the Push Notification for this app in your device settings.

If Your Fax Failed:

If, unfortunately, you have failed to send your fax document, you can tap on its “ ACTION” button to present  two options

1. Tap on the “Resend” button to resend it without additional fee.
2. Tap on the “Credit Back” button to get the failed fax credits back for another fax later.

Note: If the above actions do not work for you, you can ask for refund from app store for the failed fax pack.
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